Smart Build Advantages

Whether you want an improvement or renovation done to enhance a home or building, or you need to transform a property that has suffered from serious neglect, Smart Build stands ready to take on your next general contracting project. You can take advantage of:

Umbrella Services
You don’t have to worry about finding or managing multiple subcontractors when you partner with Smart Build. We take care of it all: from construction and electric wiring to plumbing and roofing, plus everything in between! We bring you a team of trusted, skilled, vetted professionals whom we have worked with for years.

Informed Decisions
Part of being client-centric is helping you make wise and informed decisions about functionality, aesthetics, budgeting, marketability, etc. We provide you with all the information and explanations you need so that the final product is exactly what you intended.

Complete Documentation
Boroughs and municipalities may require an array of applications, permits, and sealed drawings before renovations can take place. We navigate all the paperwork for you so that you don’t have to.

Meticulous Care
We pay attention to all the details of every job from start to finish, ensuring that your project is completed in an efficient, energy-conscious, cost-effective manner. Quality craftsmanship is our hallmark.

Green Buildings
We are green conscious: we use green products and resources whenever possible, can help you leverage the benefits of solar energy, and are able to reduce your carbon footprint and any lead hazards that may be present.

Onsite Management
We manage all our projects in person and on site – not from behind a desk. This ensures that your requests are transmitted perfectly to the jobsite and are acted upon, with no chance of a communication breakdown.

On-time Delivery
We recognize that you have a schedule you are working toward for your property improvements. Our goal matches yours: to deliver quality work that maximizes your budget and meets your timetable.

Business Support
Commercial renovations and office fit-outs often need to take place while business is still in progress. We will work with you to minimize the impact of construction on your customers and employees.

Community Improvement
As we work on projects, we show the community what is possible. Frequently, improvement become contagious – surrounding homes and businesses engage in renovations as well. Pride of ownership, community involvement, and economic opportunities all increase … to everyone’s benefit!

Contact us today at 484-949-4863 to leverage the Smart Build Advantages for your next project!